Donation Request

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We ask you to support our mission and the Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation by donating an auction item and/or experience that can be auctioned during our Installation & Legacy Awards Gala.

The Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation (HCCF) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (HCC). In alignment with the Hollywood Chamber, its Community Foundation exists to transform small businesses, strengthen the community, and improve lives. The Chamber facilitates this transformation through business advocacy, business development, business networking, and innovation.

The Hollywood Chamber is committed to its 700+ members, 70% of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to provide our members with the knowledge and resources to transform, adapt, and be bold in an ever-changing business climate. Our newly structured 2023 Funding Opportunities include five business development grants of up to $20,000 for each applicant winner.

The Community Foundation and key donors will select the recipient(s) in each of the following funding opportunities:

  • Non-Profit | Empowering Women
  • Non-Profit | Creative Arts
  • For-Profit | Sustainability & Business
  • For-Profit | Underserved Small Business

We are thrilled to award two grant winners in the Non-Profit • Empowering Women funding category at our Installation & Legacy Awards Gala on March 23, 2023.


STEP 1: Submit auction item(s) and/or experience(s) to the HCCF team via email

STEP 2: Include a description of the proposed auction item(s) and/or experience(s)

STEP 3: Submit a high-resolution image of the auction item(s) and/or experience(s) • (Optional • Please note that a licensed image will be used if one cannot be provided)

STEP 4: Submit the company logo, website, and contact details for all companies contributing

STEP 5: Provide instructions on how an HCCF representative may pick up or retrieve the donated item(s) and/or experience(s)

Please email the requested assets and information to